Estonian Music Challenge To Enthrall In Delhi

Indo MusicIndia defied a 4-decade ban on screening Pakistani films final week when it showed Khuda Kay Liye at a star-studded premiere in Mumbai. If the compatibilities between the three communities’ chowtals demonstrated a rare degree of stylistic retention, the disparate tassa traditions showed how a diasporic group may take a North Indian transplant and avidly elaborate and develop it.

One other attention-grabbing obscurity was Saddar Bazaar, a British group that blended continuously improvised droning sitar- driven instrumental raga-rock, psych and acid-folks vibes with swampy burning stoner guitars and the lightest of light keyboard backings on their fascinating debut album `The Convention of the Birds’ from 1995.

Winner of ‘Jazz Instrumentalist of the Yr’ on the 2014 Parliamentary Jazz Awards, he’s a leading light on UK and international jazz scenes, charming audiences and critics together with his passionate and dynamic efficiency style, eloquent musical expression and charismatic rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Creo que la transmisión que da la musica India y el Flamenco al alma es indepcriptible, es una de esas fusiones que cuando las escuchas te extremece, he visto a José Salinas cantando ese flamenco tan especial, ese quejio, con esa voz tan peculiar, tan honda, contestado por esa voz llena de matices, en definitiva un sueño entre culturas, es algo maravilloso.

These cultural encounters illustrated among the prodigious degree of continuity between Indo-Fijian music, Indo-Caribbean music, and the North Indian Bhojpuri people music tradition from which the two diasporic traditions had emerged a century earlier.