Pop Star’s Possible Suicide

K-Pop MusicCNBLUE sendiri memulai karir mereka di Jepang sebagai sebuah band indie yang memulai segala sesuatunya dari nol. Select music direction credit include: A Period of Animate Existence (Pig Iron Theatre Company); A New Mind, Into the Woods (Barrymore Award recipient), Spring Awakening (Theatre Horizon); A Year With Frog & Toad (Barrymore Award nomination), The Secret Backyard, Ardour, Parade (Arden Theatre); Malpractice Makes Good (York Theatre); Peter & I (American Theatre of Actors); We Tell the Story: The Songs of Ahrens & Flaherty (Lortel Theatre).

However in the intervening five years, Kpop Dallas’ Fb page has grown from 50 to more than 6,500. T-ara released the super successful single Roly Poly from the EP John Travolta Wannabes which was reported to be the highest-grossing and highest-promoting single in South Korea in 2011.

Effectively, you still better present up. Amber, of f(x), harm her ankle too badly to dance, however she was nonetheless there for quite a few concerts, sitting on a stool on stage, singing her coronary heart out while her group carried out the routine around her.

GFriend’s SinB dislocated her shoulder while dancing but carried on. BTS member Jungkook lower his hand and was obviously bleeding but did not get assist for his wound until the quantity was over. It’s a real query, and it is the driving pressure of KPOP , a brand new, interactive musical in New York City with an almost all-Asian cast.

With an addictive dumdididumdum” refrain fitting in between her evocative delivery of the verses, Circle’s Dream” is an infinite pleasure to hearken to and one of the best vocal performances Okay-pop’s seen this year. In March of the identical 12 months, the group released its comeback EP titled Power.