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How A St. Petersburg Band Turned A Pioneer Of Indo

Indo MusicIndian culture is amalgamation of various cultures, traditions of its neighbors and in addition its own ancient heritage, which had been shaped during the Indus Valley Civilization further evolved through the Vedic age, rise and decline of Buddhism, Golden age, Muslim conquests and European colonization. As one immigrant to British Guiana stated (as associated to me by his grandson), “They tricked me into coming here, however I might never return to India.” It could even be surmised that the ranks of the indentured included a disproportionate number of especially adventurous and enterprising individuals (in addition to assorted fugitives and misfits) whose energetic tendencies may have contributed to the character of the expatriate community in general.

Among the most notorious artists who take part to the original dialogue between proggy rock and Indian music we are able to notice many jazzy fashioned musicians influenced by “world” elements (the guitarists Volker Krieger, Steve Tibbetts, the clarinet participant Tony Scott).

Once the percussion kicks in although, all hell breaks loose as Max Roach delivers a poetic rant about desperation and destruction that begins to sound something like a mixture of an African-American gospel service and a tripped out Haitian voodoo ritual all dressed …

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