Cream And The Dead

Bands and ArtistsSome folks prefer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by throwing on a Kiss me, I’m Irish!” t-shirt and trying to merge the worlds of Guinness beer and Guinness Guide of World Records by downing more beer than another human on the planet. Stylistically, Chip’s music brings collectively dance, rock and rap with strong melodic hooks. Usually, they’re very outdated songs or songs that come from around the globe. Vote up all your favourite 80s bands and artists who transformed the music scene during the decade, and add anyone who is not already on the record.

Our values of Authenticity, Bravery and Creativity (our ABC) run via the core of all we do. HOWDY MAKER, our latest report, was launched in July 2017. Before relocating to North Devon songwriter Iain (acoustic guitar and vocals) performed lead guitar and wrote songs as part of the band ‘Conscience’ touring and recording within the north of England.

We’re a trio of siblings who have been taking part in collectively since being sufficiently old to carry an instrument. The depth of his songs are born from the stress of the generally bleak, yet ever stunning Irish landscape. A young, family band with a ardour to connect folks to the guts of God, carrying the message of His love for all by way of their mix of acoustic folk and Rock and Roll.

Before the British various rockers Placebo launched their debut record and honed their own androgynous glam-rock spectacles, they have been Mr. Bowie’s touring band in 1996. Since his previous band (thebandwithnoname) completed, the Chip Kendall band has notched up some unbelievable gigs, together with BigChurchDayOut within the UK, Lumen Competition in Slovakia, Sea Facet Pageant in Norway, and others.

Galactus Jack’s music is corresponding to the EDM sound of artists like Calvin Harris and David Guetta, combined with the hard-edged energy of Skrillex and Major Lazer. Their songs are a mixture of ocean melodies, uplifting harmonies and a bit of foot-stomping nation rhythm thrown in for good measure!