INDO Music Video Shoot

Indo MusicKhayal actually means imagination, thought or fancy. Whereas the genre would continue on and would debatable peak with John McLaughlin’s led Shakti in the 70s, THE CELEIB FOLKS created a tiny however authentically sounding relic of the period that sounds exactly what you’d imagine raga rock to sound like should you had never experienced it before.

The emergence of Raga colleges from all over the place (still perpetuating the ancestral musical traditions), the initiatic travels of Western minimalist-trendy jazz composers (Terry Riley, Don Cherry…) to India will take part to a growing interest for this musical universe.

After Seventh sons’ first original but relatively discreet effort simply called “raga” (1964) and Malachi’s holy music (1966), well-known bands as the Beatles in “Revolver” (1966) and Visitors in their album “Mr Fantasy” (1967) will be seduced by the sonorities of Indian raga music.

What was in proof was the extraordinary resilience of this stratum of Bhojpuri folks music, which had endured not only over the several generations since 1917, and thru all of the sociocultural adjustments in each site during this period, but in addition over the vast distances that separated the three from each other.

Whereas the identify is considerably deceptive contemplating their sole album IMAGINATIONS OF SUNSHINE (from the 70s) is chock full of guitars, recorders and sitar nonetheless it does certainly include an ample provide of the elements in the artist moniker.