Indo Music

Indo MusicA new collaboration between Welsh and Indian Musicians, lead by Welsh singer songwriter Gwyneth Glyn and Indian musician Tauseef Akhtar will be premiered in Mumbai this week. One such band was the THIRD EAR BAND which was formed by Dave Tomlin who participated in free-kind jazz classes at the London Free Faculty and took the show over to the well-known UFO Club the place he would solicit a free-form group of audience members and band members after hours to interact in spontaneous jams around Indo-raga, European folks, Medieval classical and experimental types.

Esoteric Records have now released re-mastered editions of the three Island albums as a double CD. These vintage classics are critically below-reviewed on Prog Archives, so I will attempt to summarize them for anybody contemplating exploration, terming the albums IBC (‘In Blissful Company’), Q (‘Quintessence’) & DD (‘Dive Deep’).

Indo-Caribbean traditional music typically reflects the Bhojpuri heritage of many Indo-Caribbeans; women’s people songs are particularly reflective of the music of Bhojpur These include folk songs for childbirth (sohar), humorous and lightweight-hearted songs for a bride’s household to insult the groom’s (gali), funereal songs (nirgun) and sexual matkor.

After the cessation of slave importation within the British West Indies in 1804, sugarcane planters in Trinidad, British Guiana, and Jamaica became concerned about replenishing their labor force, and with Emancipation in 1834-38 and the abandonment of the plantations by freed slaves, the planters’ clamor for cheap labor turned insistent.

When i imply quick, i mean that this album consisted of two sides that totaled a running size of slightly over 23 minutes lengthy which in modern day terms can be labeled as an EP however despite the brief size, this is really one of many more attention-grabbing raga rock relics of the era which included a fledgling Ry Cooder who solely just lately received scouted out by Captain Beefheart to perform on his debut album “Protected As Milk.” Whereas many raga rock albums of the era tended to give attention to droning or two musical phrases passing the baton to one another, on TANYET there’s a true musical fusion of cultures that works out fairly effectively.