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Different Types of Teflon Coating

The word Teflon is often associated with the phrase “nonstick”. On the other hand, Teflon coating has gone beyond offering people with a nonstick surface. It is due to the reason that in engineering and industrial world, Teflon coating has the ability of making or breaking a product or machine. Truth is, there are different coatings that could be bought and some of them are:

Teflon PTFE – probably, this is one of the most popular which stands for poly tetrafluoroethylene. Such nonstick coating does consist of primer as well as top coat. Out of the fluoropolymers that can now be purchased in the market, PTFEs can withstand even harshest temperatures that are reaching up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yet another reason for using PTFE is its low coefficient of friction. Furthermore, this has great resistance to abrasions and other chemicals.

Teflon FEP – if you’re looking for nonporous film, then the FEP or also called as fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer will be your best bet. During baking process, this kind of coating is melting and as a result, flows. FEP is pretty resistant to the most frequently used chemicals and it is a powerful and very effective nonstick kind of coating. Not only that, it also comes in both water-based liquid and powder.

Teflon PFA – for this specific kind of Teflon coating, it is actually similar with FEP in some ways but, it withstands higher temperature even on continuous usage. PFA or perfluoroalkoxy is actually better compared to PTFE or FPE so it can handle more than the first two types of coating. And almost the same with FEP, it is also available in water based liquid and powder.

Tefzel ETFE – in the market today, if you’re in search for something that is worth of your time and money, then this is what you should be looking for. The great thing about this coating is that, it is not fluorinated which is critical in other applications.

Teflon one coat – it is possible that the One Coat is the one that you’re looking for in case that you are looking for Teflon coating that is water based than solvent based. This coating works flawlessly in resisting abrasions as it is blended and very tough. Also, it works best on smooth metal surfaces, which is another advantage it has.

Teflon dry lubricant – oftentimes, you will be glad of using dry lubricate when the process involves high velocities and pressure. Like the One Coat, this is also solvent based however, the difference is that, the coatings follows different design process. For this reason, they can perform better even under high amounts of velocity or pressure.

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