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Some Things You Need to Know about the Vihaan Director Arrest Saga

Qnet, being based in Hong Kong, is the owner of the sub-franchisee Vihaan which is located in India. The saga started out 25 January, 2019 when India’s Supreme Court passed entering that is in favor of Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd. The petitioners of the case, Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd., got a supreme order that stated that there was ‘no coersive action’ against them. The respondents of the case together with the state of Telengana were also ordered by the Supreme Court not to take other coersive steps in the FIRs that are filed against Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The Cyberabad police arrested on 26 January, 2019 two independent representatives of Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd together with the director of the company namely, Dilip Raj, Chandar Kumar Chowdary and Atur Kumar. The alleged charges for the areas for that they were involved in a Ponzi scheme through a multi-level marketing business of the sub franchise partner, Qnet.

According to media reports, Dilip stated in the video that he wasn’t aware of any credible information about the financial deals of Qnet. Mr. Dilip went ahead to see that neither Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd nor himself as a director has any chance of making financial decisions of Qnet as the company is only a sub-franchisee partner of Qnet.

Qnet responded to the coersive action by the Cyberabad police as an unlawful arrest of its sub-franchisee partner’s director and that the action has no civil or criminal law conformance as it is in direct contempt of the order granted by the Hon. Supreme Court of India. Qnet also claimed that the director of its sub-franchisee, Dilip Raj, was coerced into recording the video statements against his will through the threat of police action and named it as a police brutality.

Qnet stated that they had requested the transcripts of the arrest that was against the order of the Hon. Supreme Court of India and that they would present it before the Hon. Court. Qnet said that they distributors get commissions out of product sales and that Ponzi scheme will totally be absurd in this case according to the claims by the respondent and Cyberabad police.

Qnet also wished for the public to know that Vihaan direct selling (India) Pvt. Ltd operates by the full financial guidelines of the Central Government’s Ministry Of Consumer Affairs as well as the state of Telengana.

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