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Features To Look For When Buying Astrological Gemstones Online

Gems continue to amaze mankind even after it was discovered a long time ago. They have been treated as sources of wealth, power and even seen as sacred. People that deal in gemstones can be found online. The astrological gemstone is different because it is seen as a sacred gem. To bring positive results, this gemstone is associated with light and powers in the universe. An astrological gem should have specific attributes of color, polish, cut and it should be untreated. The features are specific to the astrological gemstone. To ensure you choose the right gemstone, you must understand all there is about them. In the discussion below, you will be able to know what attributes to look for in the best astrological gemstone online.

An astrological gemstone is natural. It is a requirement that all gems be kept pure and be left untreated. A treated gem loses its original color, clarity and generally its beauty. It should not occur in such a situation. For a gem to be termed as astrological, it must be pure and untreated in any way. If it has undergone treatment, then it is not fit to be used as an astrological gemstone.
The color of an astrological gemstone should be fine. There are different colors and shades that gems have and it is determined by the gem’s origin. An example of the color difference is in the emeralds where one from Zambia is vivid green, and one from Colombia is spring green. Irrespective of the origin, the best astrological gemstone’s color is one that has slight hues of other colors over the original color. from this, you will be able to know the color of a gem depending on where it comes from and how to choose the best.

Consider the clarity that the astrological gemstone has. It is important that the clarity of this gemstone be exceptional because it uses cosmic rays for it to be used as a sacred gem. Therefore, this gem has to have very good clarity. Look into the fine natural inclusions that a natural gemstone has to separate it from a man-made gemstone. The clarity of an astrological gemstone should not be less than 85%.

The other feature to look for in an astrological gemstone is that it must have an appealing cut. In the gem therapy, cosmic rays are necessary as they define the energies in the universe and they give positive results. Therefore, it should be cut in such a way that it allows the most amount of light display and cosmic light absorption. It is important to note that the cut is more important than the shape of the gemstone.

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